A Wild Podcast Appears!

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… I see you hovering over that ‘run’ command. Don’t do that. Please?

After many trials, some tribulations, and a bunch of unrelated tangents, we have managed to assemble our first podcast episode! Fanfare ensues!

While we’re still getting the hang of all the audio bits n’ bobs, the final product is available over yonder.

We’re calling this series “CoA – AFK: The Video Game Edition”. Catchy? Perhaps not. Oh well! Give it a listen if you feel so inclined.

This episode in particular talks about a few different topics, namely:

– Bethesda’s mysterious pre-E3 conference announcement

– EA Games, “Too Hard To Learn”?

– Playtronic Entertainment founded, Ex-Rare devs on board

– Peter Molyneux does a thing. Or rather, doesn’t do a thing.

– Goddamn Amiibos!

It also features a recurring segment, called ‘Pre-order, Playing, Pass’, where we list off games that we are looking forward to, currently playing, and not interested in. THAT’S catchy, right? I mean, I thought it was.

… My mom says I’m cool.


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